Improved consumer protection needed


Registered Master Builders share Minister for Building and Construction Maurice Williamson’s view on a need for greater consumer protection on building and housing projects.
Speaking at the Registered Master Builders Federation conference in Blenheim recently, the Minister said the Government is looking for a system that will provide warranty-type products to consumers to ensure a transparent resolution for all parties involved in a building project should something go wrong.

Registered Master Builders Federation chief executive Warwick Quinn agrees this is necessary for the industry.
“We have had a product in the market with our Master Build Guarantee for 19 years that does exactly this for our members’ clients. We look forward to more details on the Government’s plans on how this will work,” Mr Quinn says.

Speedy resolution
The Minister also said he was looking for a speedy resolution of the weathertightness issue that has been plaguing the industry and country for too long.
Mr Quinn says builders and consumers have had enough of the lack of action with the current system.

High time Government stepped in
“We feel that it’s high time the Government stepped in and helped bring it to an end. New Zealanders, including home owners and builders, deserve a solution, not more litigation,” he says.
RMBF president Brent Mettrick also agreed with the Minister’s call for a reduction of the bureaucracy and red tape that has been weighing down the building industry and, consequently, increasing costs.

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