Concrete ideally suited for NZ cycleway project


The concrete sector has congratulated the Government’s announcement to allocate $50 million over three years for the New Zealand Cycleway Project.
“The development of a series of ‘Great Rides’ that will connect across the country will offer a brilliant recreational experience for New Zealanders and international tourists,” according to 

Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand chief executive Rob Gaimster.
“If the cycle network is to achieve its various economic, social and environmental objectives it will need to make extensive use of the long-term maintenance and user benefits of concrete.
“Not only is a network of cycleways paved with concrete the most appropriate option for the range of locations, conditions and bicycle types popular in New Zealand, concrete will require no maintenance over a long period,” Mr Gaimster says.

“Furthermore, as a locally produced material, with both cement and aggregate sourced from New Zealand, concrete is directly contributing to job creation.”
The New Zealand concrete industry retains sufficient expertise, capacity and skills to accommodate the logistical challenges that a multiple, large-scale and geographically diverse project would pose.

“Ready mixed concrete companies around the country are able to produce the appropriate concrete mix for any application while, in partnership with master concrete placers, the supply and installation process can be comfortably accommodated.”

“Using concrete to construct a New Zealand cycleway will enable the development of a competitive tourism experience with the most suitable and durable riding surface, as well as create employment,” Mr Gaimster says.

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