Noise pollution — frsutrating but easy to deal with


One of the most frustrating forms of pollution in the home is also one of the easiest to deal with — noise pollution. Simple steps can greatly increase comfort of living and also the home’s future resale value.

Compared to the days of quarter-acre sections, people now tend to live in much closer proximity to each other.

No longer private!

Whether through cross-leasing or the development of high-density living such as townhouses and apartments, what happens in the home is no longer guaranteed to stay private!
With the increasing prominence and advancement of video games, home theatre systems and computers, designers need to create individual spaces designed for optimum sound control.
Builders should talk to their clients about the options available to future proof a new or existing home against noise pollution, including purpose-designed materials and products.

Plenty of options

These include laminated windows or double-glazing systems, specially-designed interior wall linings, fixing systems and sound insulation products which will provide room-to-room or floor-to-ceiling noise control, as well as cutting down on sound from outside the home.

People often make the mistake of focusing on moisture and warmth when specifying building materials, and cut corners on sound control.
But for a home to maintain its value long term, regardless of what is built nearby, who moves in next door, or what the kids do when they get older, careful planning is required.

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