New assessment model for carpentry apprentices begins


Times are changing with regard to the way the BCITO assesses the National Certificate in Carpentry.


Starting from their next session with their BCITO training advisor, apprentices completing the National Certificate in Carpentry will be assessed on their progress through the qualification by their training advisor, rather than by their employer, supervisor or company assessor.


BCITO chief executive Ruma Karaitiana says the change to the model is designed to streamline the assessment of the qualification, reducing time spent by employers on paperwork.


“With almost 4000 employers assessing apprentices throughout the country, the old assessment model made it difficult for us to achieve consistency across the board,” Mr Karaitiana says.


“By using our team of 75 training advisors to complete assessment of apprentices, we can have greater control over assessment, and ultimately deliver a better qualification to the industry.”


Additionally, Mr Karaitiana says feedback from employers indicated that many felt the time required to complete assessment for the National Certificate in Carpentry was taking away from time they could be spending coaching their apprentices and running their businesses.


“The new assessment model will allow employers to spend more time face-to-face with trainees, imparting their knowledge and skills, as well as freeing them up to spend more time on their businesses in these challenging times for the industry.


”While employers will no longer be required to formally assess their trainees, they will still play an important part in evaluating their overall skill level.


“Employers will continue to play a valuable role in teaching their apprentices the skills they need to succeed in the industry. They will still be best positioned to evaluate their apprentices’ commercial competence as builders.


”The BCITO’s team of 75 training advisors has undergone significant training to prepare for the change, and they are ready to begin assessing apprentices at their regular meetings.”


For more information about the changes to the assessment model, employers and trainees can contact their BCITO training advisor, or phone the number below.


Training advisors will provide all employers and trainees with further information at their next meeting.

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