Brand new home to be auctioned with $1 reserve!


Home buyers could get the bargain of a lifetime when Lockwood puts a brand new two bedroom Initial design home up for charity auction with a $1 reserve!


Bargain hunters are expected to keep the auctioneer’s hammer busy as bidding on the new home gets under way.


The Lockwood Initial series house will be built on site in Rotorua, with building work starting at 10am on Saturday, 28 November. Lockwood builders from around the country will work together over 32 hours to complete the two-bedroom home in time for the charity auction at 4pm on Sunday.


Lockwood CEO Bryce Heard says times have been really tough, and purchasing a home has been more difficult than ever.


“The team at Lockwood wanted to give one lucky person or family the opportunity to break through the recession and into the housing market — and a new home. What better way to do this than with a ridiculous $1 reserve tied in with helping one of New Zealand’s favourite charities, the Life Education Trust, a charity that educates children on making decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle.”


The auction will be part of the inaugural Lockwood Expo that weekend, an event that showcases the diverse and modern range of Lockwood home designs alongside numerous exhibits, with in-showhome seminars and house tours also taking place.


The Lockwood Charity Auction takes place at 4pm on Sunday 29 November at Lockwood’s National Show Village, Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua.

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