Spread a little cheer!


Typically at this time of the year we’re all racing around getting our clients into their homes by Christmas.


For a short time after these few frantic weeks, building work tends to be a bit thin on the ground for most of us. Notwithstanding that, we all deserve a damn good break!


As much as we’ve had a torrid time in the past 12 months, so have our supply partners. We all need to ensure we are properly capitalised for the January and February cash tightening so that we keep on top of our accounts until business picks up again.


We cannot afford to assume that our suppliers are going to be in a position to extend our credit as readily as they may have done in the past because, frankly, most of them just can’t.


In 2008 we lost a number of builders, generally because they were undercapitalised and poorly managed. 2009 was, by comparison, a lot better, but the sector is still lacking in real volume, with only 15,000 new home starts and a tight commercial sector.


The market is still seemingly bouncing along the bottom (strange when a couple of months ago the media were concerned about the boom impacts), and there is no room for mistakes or complacency in guiding your business around the icebergs of the market place.


The RMBF is willing and able to help if you have issues, so please don’t hesitate to call for help if you need it.


Our thanks for House of the Year

This year’s event was truly spectacular. I would like to thank Sharon and the team at the Acumen Republic for a job well done. Also, thanks to John Beveridge and his team at PlaceMakers and the rest of the sponsorship family for their continuing support of this event.


It is extremely rewarding to see how our builders lift the game each year to aspire to the title of House of the Year winner.


To the builders out there who make it to the podium at this prestigious event, I thank you for demonstrating why we call ourselves Registered Master Builders.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas with those who you hold dear. We have had a busy year with a number of successes and, thankfully, fewer casualties. Please take a break and be ready for what will surely be a better year to come.

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