Home automation an effective way to increase quality of life


Home automation is an effective way to Future-Proof homes and increase the occupants’ quality of life. Wireless technology can allow access to state-of-the-art entertainment and information technology from anywhere in the home — from something as simple as a remote garage door opener to something as advanced as a fully-integrated, centrally-controlled computer system.

Access Security
Technology changes and developments are also providing new ways to control access and security. Family members will have access to keypad or keyless entry — a more convenient alternative to traditional locks — making the home more secure.
Building a secure, Future-Proofed home doesn’t have to mean building a high-tech fortress — it can be as simple as installing quality locks and deadbolts.

Alarm Systems and Home Security
Nothing does more to make a house feel like a family home than a sense of security. Simple features such as security lights and monitored alarm systems are easy ways to protect the home and family.

Camera Technology
To complement a home security system the home owner can install a camera system which will allow them to not only see who is at the front door, but if they get called away to answer a phone they can keep an eye on the kids in the back yard or the baby sleeping by simply tuning to a selected channel on the TV. The home can also be monitored from any remote internet location.

Automated Access 
An automatic access system can allow access and viewing of security gates, locks and 
alarm systems from any internet location, giving more peace of mind and the reassurance of a safe and secure home.

Security Fencing
Whilst traditional solid fencing has been popular in the past, it does allow easy access onto a property and, once inside the fence line, intruders cannot be seen from the outside. Modular perimeter fencing keeps children and pets in, makes access for intruders more difficult and is great for pool fencing.

Home Networking
A home network offers automated control of multiple home systems such as communication, computers, audio and video, security, electric gates and doors, air conditioning and lighting controls.
Builders should ensure that clients plan for future demands at the design stage of building or renovating.

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