BRANZ preferred partner for Global-Mark


BRANZ has announced an exclusive arrangement to provide product testing and assessment services for building products to Global-Mark under the Department of Building and Housing’s (DBH) CodeMark NZ scheme.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Global-Mark recently where BRANZ will be the exclusive provider of testing services for the New Zealand market.
BRANZ chief executive Pieter Burghout is pleased with the outcome and the confidence it will bring to the construction industry.
“BRANZ recognises the industry is ready for product assurance solutions, and this MOU with Global-Mark fits the product certification space,” Mr Burghout says.

With a strong product and systems appraisal presence, BRANZ can offer a pathway from an appraisal into a CodeMark NZ certificate.
Global-Mark managing director Herve Michoux is thrilled with the partnership, and is looking forward to working with BRANZ.

“I’m excited that BRANZ and Global-Mark are working together. The combination of the two can make a positive impact on the industry,” Mr Michoux says.
“BRANZ is local, well known and well respected in the industry, so it’s a win, win, win situation. A win for Global-Mark, a win for BRANZ and, ultimately, a win for the industry.”

Global-Mark is a JAS-ANZ Accredited Certification company in Australia seeking New Zealand accreditation, and will provide technical services with respect to certification, administration of CodeMark NZ processes, implementation of and compliance with CodeMark certification rules.

BRANZ will provide the technical services with respect to assessment against the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) provisions, specification review, auditing and general administration.
These services reinforce BRANZ’s commitment to being the premier research facility to the construction industry.
A CodeMark NZ product certificate provides independent confirmation that a product complies with the Building Code. All Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) must accept the CodeMark 

NZ product certificate as poof of code compliance so long as the product is to be used in accordance with the certificate and its instructions.
Through the agreement, BRANZ can offer additional services to its clients. In addition, BRANZ retains the right to be a testing body for other product certification bodies, should it wish to.

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