Flexible approach pays off


Steel Shed Systems has a bottom line philosophy as a complete design and construction service company — it can do as much or as little as the project they’re working on demands.
Director Mike Tracey says the company employs a flexible approach towards the work it undertakes for builders, architects, engineers and their clients.

“The key element for us is that we add value, being able to handle budgeting, design and engineering — as well as the actual construction and project management,” Mr Tracey says.
“We like to be challenged in our work, and we enjoy being able to engineer unique architectural design features — something a little out of the ordinary — and finish it to an exceptional detail.”

He says it’s not that the company handles architectural-based work exclusively. They can construct buildings that take advantage of their cost-competitive, lightweight, portal system, yet still be able to do unique things with it because of its extra strength.

“Get us on board and we can ensure your project is cost-effective, yet still retain architectural features the designer and their clients are demanding. There’s no need to compromise on the detail, and we will find ways to ensure the end result is a unique building. We are also happy to come in and do just the basic framework under the guidance of a main contractor who may be using existing design and engineering plans,” he says.

Steel Shed Systems recently completed a building in Kerikeri for national rural retailer company RD1, and another structure for UCOL in Masterton. One project was referred to them by E3 architect Mike Tate-Davis, and the other completed in collaboration with a local building contractor.

The company has five regional operators who are all part-owners and directors of the national company, and are keen to build the business base in other areas, with the right people.

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