Sustainable building practice stacks up for Queenstown builders


Sustainability is a key driver for a leading Queenstown-based construction company committed to building an eco-friendly future.
RMBF company Rilean Construction, a multi award-winning commercial and residential construction company, is building on its growing reputation for sustainable construction by joining the ranks of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

It is also in discussions with Otago Polytechnic’s Centre for Sustainable Practice to develop its current sustainable practices.
The company has recently delivered several successful eco-friendly projects, including Frankton’s Westpac Bank, and is currently completing a restoration and conservation project in Arrowtown featuring a range of energy management, recycling and eco-friendly measures in the fit-out.

Rilean Construction shareholder Mick Moffatt says sustainability is an area of the company’s business that is growing fast, and sees the cultural change as a win-win situation.
“More and more clients have sustainability requirements for their buildings and fit-outs which they want us to be able to deliver.
“As a company we’re committed to taking all practicable steps to help preserve and, where possible, improve the quality of the environment in which we live and work.

”Moving towards sustainable construction is a natural progression of our values, and it also works in terms of personal and professional development. We’re always looking to improve our knowledge, skills and business practices, so we encourage our team to upskill.
“More comprehensive and varied skills allow us to expand into new areas of business and provide greater flexibility and expertise to our clients. The end result for everyone is, hopefully, greater sustainability and profitability in the future.”

Mr Moffatt believes no company should be too big to learn.
“We’re keen to link up with other like-minded businesses and share knowledge where possible. We’re also actively encouraging clients, suppliers and other industry operators to work with us to ensure we achieve sustainable best practice standards for the structures we build and the processes we adopt.”

Rilean Construction has introduced a number of sustainable business initiatives including:
• a sustainable office policy,
• managing materials orders and pick-ups to minimise vehicle movements and, where possible, co-ordinating them with the disposal of waste materials,
• introducing a formal sustainable practice commitment and audit check of Rilean Construction’s operating procedures and those of its subcontractors, particularly minimising waste and impact on the environment. The management team and project managers then identify where gains have been made and what can be improved in the future, and
• advocating the use of sustainable materials, including the use of timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

For more information about Rilean Construction or its sustainable practice policy