BCITO specialised trades


The BCITO has qualifications available in almost every different area of the construction industry.
Our qualifications are “competency-based”. It’s all about demonstrating you have the ability (in terms of knowledge and skill) to complete a task — that you are seen to be competent and can work towards becoming qualified.

It means that apprenticeships take no more or no less time than it takes for you to show that you can demonstrate your skill.
The BCITO offers a range of specialised trade qualifications, including solid plastering, floor and wall tiling, frame and truss, cement and concrete, interior systems and proprietary plaster cladding systems.
Each qualification covers a different and unique area of the construction industry.

Solid Plastering

By using a variety of different tools and methods, a qualified solid plasterer creates a plaster finish that is practical and decorative. Solid plasterers can create a modern look on the exterior of a house or restore an old building using traditional methods of plastering.

Floor and Wall Tiling

Working with floor and wall tiles is a very creative trade. If you think a career in tiling is for you then completing the National Certificate in Floor and Wall Tiling (Introductory Skills) and the National Certificate in Floor and Wall Tiling will help you achieve this.
Frame and Truss

Frame and truss fabricators make the pre-nailed framing sections of walls and roofs that are delivered to a construction site for the builder to erect. Fabricators generally work at a manufacturing plant, but occasionally they need to visit construction sites for specialised and remedial work.

Cement and Concrete

Cement and concrete is a big part of New Zealand’s construction industry, and if you’re looking for a career that’s challenging, rewarding and requires a technical mind then concrete could be for you.
Unless you have already been working in the concrete industry and can show that you have a good understanding of the basic skill requirements, you will need to complete Concrete Theory Fundamentals or the National Certificate in Concrete Core Skills before you do any other concrete-related qualifications

Interior Systems

Interior Systems incorporates some of the specialist trades that complete work for the interior spaces of a building or house. As with many trades in the construction industry, there is great variety in the work you do because of the different designs and features of buildings and houses.
Fibre Cement Linings is a specialist product that is used for interior and exterior areas. To be qualified as an installer of Fibre Cement Linings you will be cutting, fixing and/or finishing fibre cement board to all sorts of surfaces, including architectural features.

Proprietary Plaster Cladding Systems

Proprietary plaster cladding systems are used on the exterior of buildings. A qualification in this area can lead to a varied and interesting career path in the external plastering sector.

Other Qualifications

The BCITO offers a range of alternative specialist qualifications that span construction management, architectural technology and quantity surveying.
The National Certificate in Construction (Leading Hand) (Level 4) is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required by the industry of a capable leading hand. It’s ideal if you are already working as a construction leading hand, or wish to move into the role.

If an apprenticeship in the construction industry sounds like the right choice for you, contact your local BCITO office on 0800 4 BCITO (0800 422 486).

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