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Kiwi companies are making promising inroads into the country’s poor rate of adult literacy, and now there’s a web site to help others do the same —
The Department of Labour’s Skills Highway web site profiles New Zealand businesses who’ve spent the last few years trying and testing workplace literacy training.

The web site — launched in June — has advice, tools, case studies and tips from real workplaces, and reflects the real-life experiences of employers and employees around the country.
It’s got a wealth of information and ideas about getting started from big, national construction companies such as Fletcher Construction and Downer.
Yet it also features ideas from smaller firms such as Canterbury Spinners, a yarn production business in Christchurch, on how to deliver effective training when companies are up against different shift patterns and round-the-clock operations.

Research shows about four in every 10 New Zealand employees have difficulties with reading, maths and communication.
New Zealand’s poor adult literacy rates have long been considered a serious issue that costs business through accidents and injuries, high wastage, mistakes, missed deadlines and low productivity.

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