Pushing roofing limits to the max


When Foodstuffs and ProArch Architects of Palmerston North designed their new warehouse and decided to push the limits of roofing, they looked to Dimond and the Dimondek 630 roofing profile.

Dimond’s Palmerston North branch was asked to produce 88.25m single sheets by using Dimondek 630’s on-site rolling machine, more than 20m longer than the previous New Zealand record of 65m for Dimondek 630.

Shane Lewer of ProArch Architecture Palmerston North says without the on-site rollforming capability, the design of the building would not have been possible.
The ability to run full length sheets without overlaps or stepping has provided better assurance of weathertightness and cost-effectiveness for Foodstuffs.

Costs and time significantly reduced

With the on-site roll former, costs and time were significantly reduced. Combined with Dimond’s patented continuous plastic clip system, this saw up to 2290 lineal metres laid per day.
The continuous plastic clip system’s interlocking feature avoids issues with sheet creeping, and also allows thermal expansion and contraction of the roof sheets to take place without creating unnecessary wear from the clip surface.
“The project has benefited right from the start in having the knowledge that the product was available, and the project team could move forward with confidence,” Mr Lewer says.