English couple begins the Queenstown sustainable eco-home revolution


Multi award-winning Registered Master Builders construction company Rilean Construction has recently sold its first energy efficient sustainable Evolution Series home, just weeks after launching the concept in Queenstown.

First to sign on the dotted line for an eco-home to be built at their Mystery Grove property in Lake Hayes was English couple Mark and Jackie Burston, who recently moved to the resort from Wellington.

They chose to build a 175sq m, three-bedroom, two-bathroom, two living and double garage home known as an es2 that boasts a reduced carbon footprint of almost 70%. Building work was expected to start this month, and is planned to take just four months to complete.

Mr Burston, a systems analyst for the Queenstown Lakes District Council, says Rilean’s designs stood out for the couple as an “original design concept” that appealed to their values and ideals in establishing a home in New Zealand.

“Like many, my wife and I are very conscious that future resources will soon be limited,” he says.
“In buying a sustainably-effective home we’re doing our bit for the planet and, in the long term, will benefit from cheaper bills and a positive, healthier lifestyle.”

Committed to building an eco-friendly future, Rilean Construction developed the Evolution Series as a range of energy-efficient, healthy-living and affordable homes.
Each home has been designed to make buying a sustainable home easy, following extensive research into the most appropriate building materials, green technology and architectural features.

All designs are “future-proofed” in anticipation of more stringent environmental building regulations.
Rilean Construction shareholder Mick Moffatt says the Burstons’ desire to live more sustainably reflected the needs of a changing generation of home buyers.
“Mike and Jackie approached us following the launch of the first design, the es1, and said how impressed they were and keen to pursue the evolution series,” he says.
“They had several inputs into the es2’s original layout, and developed it personally to match their own personal taste. It’s a service open to all clients.

“The benefits of buying an Evolution home from a buyer’s perspective are that all the hard work has been done, with extensive in-house and independent research into the most appropriate building materials, sustainable technology, in-built architectural and space-saving features.
“It’s fantastic for Rilean to be paving the way towards a sustainable eco-home building revolution aimed at people wanting to live affordably and sustainably with all the benefits of professional design.”

Sustainability is a fast-growing area for Rilean, who are members of the New Zealand Green Building Council.
The company launched the Evolution Series following increasing “eco-demand” from the company’s commercial and residential clients, who were increasingly asking for eco-friendly and sustainability requirements for buildings and fit-outs.

The es2 home and the es3 homes (a 210sq m, 4 bedroom, 2 living, 2 bathroom, double garage) were officially launched late last year.
Mr Moffat says the independent research showed that living in an Evolution home would take at least $900 off annual electricity bills and reduce CO2 emissions by 70%, compared to the same house with electric heating and the minimum insulation required.

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