New home for brick and block and the masonry trades


The BCITO is pleased to welcome the trades of brick and blocklaying, masonry and monumental masonry into its official qualifications and training family.
The start of 2011 saw the dissolution of the Creative Trades ITO (CTITO), the qualifications and training provider for brick and blocklaying, masonry, monumental masonry, sign making and painting.

It has been an unsettling time for trainees and their employers within these industries and, because of this, the BCITO acted quickly to fill the gap and assume responsibility for training provision.

The brick and blocklaying and masonry trades, while obviously being very important industries in their own right, also struck the BCITO team as a natural fit within its current suite of construction-related qualifications.

Since the closure of the CTITO, the BCITO has been working alongside the Brick and Block Layers Federation and the Master Monumental Mason’s Association towards the goal of a quick transition, and to establish “coverage” for the industries.

The team has worked with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) which is responsible for managing the Government’s funding for tertiary education and for providing policy advice and support for ITOs and tertiary education organisations.

The TEC has been satisfied that the BCITO can provide the same great service to the brick and blocklaying and masonry trades that it does to its current trainees and employers across the construction trades, and has granted the BCITO official coverage for all future qualifications, training and certification.

The BCITO is determined that the closure of the CTITO will not negatively affect its new stakeholders, trainees and employers, and is committed to compiling a comprehensive picture of these industries with a focus on trainee progress and trainee and employer requirements.

The BCITO will also be looking to engage with industry stakeholders to provide it with clear insight into their industries.
It will concentrate on working towards improving and enhancing the current training that is offered to brick and block and masonry trainees, and will investigate how it can use the BCITO’s well established systems to raise the profile of the industries and to increase the number of trainees joining and participating in industry training.

The BCITO team is delighted to have the opportunity to work with these trades, and is currently in the process of establishing contact with trainees and their employers.
The goal has been to try to minimise disruption for apprentices and employers, and to ensure a smooth transition into the BCITO family. 

For more information, please call 0800 422 486.

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