Get on and get licensed


You can be sure that there will be a last minute rush so ensure you avoid it.
We have noticed that some members and, in particular their tradespeople, are not showing urgency towards getting themselves licensed.

It is as though some people think that they are taking on additional responsibility and are averse to that.
There are others who cannot see why they should have to meet the relatively low cost of becoming a Licensed Building Practitioner.

More professional
We all need to realise that the industry is taking a step up. We do need to become more professional. We need to accept that there are going to be some costs and qualification criteria to be met by people who want to operate in our industry.

We have always wanted an industry with some barriers to entry, an industry that does not allow an inadequately qualified person to suddenly build a few “spec” homes in the good times and then disappear in the bad times.
We have always been responsible for our work. We always have been and always will be liable for any failures that result from our actions.

This is the way it should be, but unfortunately our industry does contain a reasonable number of people who wish to be “all care and no responsibility”.
The introduction of the licensing scheme is a positive and significant step forward. It is time now for us all to step up to the mark.

Being licensed will not, in my opinion, make anyone more or less liable for his or her work. However, it will make the role of each person more transparent and make it easier to identify those responsible for particular work.

More important though, it will ensure that all restricted building work is performed by people who are appropriately trained and qualified to do that work.
This has got to be good for all concerned.

Competitive disadvantage
So, I urge you not to sit on the fence at this time. The reality is that if you want to continue to operate professionally in our industry after March 2012, and not be at a competitive disadvantage, get on and get your applications in.

The application is simple. Do not leave it too late.
Just to finish, here are a couple more (highly relevant in terms of licensing) tips from the book titled Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work:
• Stop procrastinating. Think of how much less stress there would be in your life if you simply began your tasks a little earlier.

Once you get in the habit of starting a little earlier, a great deal of your daily stress, at least that portion that you have some degree of control over, will fade away.
• Admit that it’s your choice. Stop thinking our circumstances are entirely beyond our control. Instead, take an “I’m in charge of my own life” mindset.

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