Legal Vision on the move


It comprises three solicitors, one law student and two support staff.
Company principal Timothy Bates found it especially satisfying to finally be operating in their own “shop”, having previously always been in shared offices.

“Legal Vision has been operating for 12 years now, and I have come to realise that you spend a fair amount of your awake time working,” he says.
“So this new office is all about making those conditions as comfortable as is economically possible. This is what ultimately attracts high calibre staff, and the provision of quality legal services flows from there.”

The evening was enjoyed by a convivial collection of guests enjoying the new premises. The grand finale for the evening was a sing-off in a local karaoke bar.
Andrew Yovich of Body Corporate Specialists Ltd was the clear winner in an enthusiastically fought battle.
As Timothy says: “It just goes to show raw talent will only get you so far in a sing-off — the rest comes down to cunning and guile.”

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