New Zealand’s leading scaffolding companies to gather in Taranaki


“Like others in the construction industry, scaffolding contractors are waiting to hear from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) and the main building contractors to gauge the overall scale and speed of the rebuild project,” Mr Burke says.

Long-term strategy for Christchurch
“I can understand the concerns from our members, and SARNZ is working with them to build their workforce to meet the demands of the residential and commercial projects ahead. SARNZ is developing a long-term strategy around how best the organisation can help its Christchurch members.”

SARNZ sees the Limited Services Volunteer programme (LSV), established by the Ministry of Social Development and run by the New Zealand Defence Force, as a key part of its strategy to support Christchurch, Mr Burke says.
“The LSV programme has proven extremely successful, with most graduates finding full-time employment after enrolling in the course. Young people need to be challenged, and LSV gives them the confidence and work ethic they need to succeed in the workplace.”

Along with discussing various industry issues, SARNZ members will also take part in a tour of the Taranaki gas fields and the Marine and Offshore Training Centre.
The highlight of the conference will be the award for Trainee Scaffolder of the Year.

The award is aimed at encouraging young people who have already shown an aptitude and interest in making a career in the scaffolding industry to continue their education in the field. It will pay for the winner’s ongoing education in the industry.

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