A great way to increase productivity


It’s a well known fact in the trade that more work is done when it’s dry. It stands to reason — nobody likes working in the cold and the wet.

To combat those testing days of rain, wind and snow there is now a product that will revolutionise the way the building trade goes about building and renovating using a DIY weatherproof containment system.

Local New Zealand company U-Shrink not only imports the film used to wrap buildings and boats, but is the only company in New Zealand to offer an education service to builders and tradespeople, whereby they learn how to install the product themselves.

The benefits to the trade are enormous, according to U-Shrink director Matt Trayes, who is also a trade qualified builder and international super yacht captain.

“We see the benefits being long term for the trade,” Mr Trayes says. “Once builders understand how easy the installation process is, they will use it again and again.

“Being able to install the wrap themselves when and where they choose is not only beneficial in terms of convenience, but also in terms of cost and, ultimately, productivity.”

U-Shrink was formed in response to a need from the construction industry to remain productive in all weather conditions, and from a desire by the trade to be able to erect their own weatherproof environment cost effectively.

The system has many uses, including new builds, leaky homes, renovations and protecting fire and earthquake damage.

With builders being able to do their own shrink wrapping, the considerable cost savings can be passed on to their clients. Subtradesmen also benefit by being able to work in the all-weather environment.

U-Shrink is focused on national distribution and committed to training the trade. They sell and distribute wrapping products to the trade, as well as offering an easy-to-follow video and training manual, both of which are available at www.ushrink.co.nz.

You can also see them at the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell, Auckland.

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