Solar energy focuses people on other eco-friendly devices


Gone are the days when people would choose a house purely for its aesthetic appeal.
When building a new home, New Zealanders want to live somewhere that ticks all the boxes — something that is kind to the environment, is warm in winter, cool in summer, and has a smart design to cut power bills.

A solar power system can be an integral part of that, and provide benefits a lot of home owners have not even thought of.
Phil Rumble, of Rumble Electrical in Northland, is an expert in alternative power. He has been working with alternative systems for more than five years, and thrives on designing the right system to fit every household perfectly.

Mr Rumble says alternative power, particularly solar energy, is becoming much more mainstream. It is no longer the domain of baches in the middle of nowhere — a normal family home can be partially or completely off the traditional grid.
And he says for people who are building from new, the addition of a solar energy system often focuses their minds on how else they could make their new home eco-friendly.

The cost and design of a solar energy system can vary widely, depending on the needs of the people who will be using it.
“It has to be designed completely for the household.”
“The reasons people choose alternative power are varied. They might be concerned about the future of the country’s power supply, they might want to cut down their power bills or they might want to lower their home’s carbon footprint,” Mr Rumble says.

But it seems clear that no one building a new home can afford not to investigate what alternative power could offer them.

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