Lockwood Homes survives the test of time


Developed and patented in 1951 by Dutch immigrants Joe La Grouw Snr and John van Loghem, the Lockwood Building System is an engineering innovation that has survived the tests of time, where so many others have failed. It enjoys worldwide recognition and success in the most extreme situations internationally.

With more than 60 years of experience and continuous development, Lockwood has evolved with design, technological innovation, enhanced flexibility and cost-efficiency to expand the system’s appeal and range of applications.

Lockwood homes are renowned for standing strong against whatever nature throws at them, be it a Darwin tropical cyclone or terrifying earthquakes in Christchurch. Christchurch home owners Mark and Maxie Christison can testify to this.
“Over 10,000 earthquakes have been suffered in Christchurch over the past 18 months. Some of these have exerted forces up to seven to eight times those required by the New Zealand building standards on our Lockwood,” they say.
“We are within 1km of the epicentre of two of the biggest quakes. On four separate occasions these events have released energy in excess of the combined Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs.

“Our family has continued to live in our home throughout all this, with only superficial damage to a gib wall and the concrete floor (both non-Lockwood). We will never in live in any other kind of house in New Zealand.”

The Christisons’ story is typical of so many Christchurch Lockwood owners.
Lockwood homes are locked together, not merely nailed together. In fact, the intricately engineered solid pine building system does not use nails at all. It is locked together in totally unique ways not matched by any other building system.

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