Shrink wrapping — the right way and the wrong way


When it comes to building-related projects, there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way. And the right way need not be the most expensive nor time consuming.

A little foresight and planning can make a big difference to a weather containment project being a success or not.

U-Shrink offers a complete design and hands-on installation service, which ensures the success of its projects. It is the only company to have New Zealand-qualified builders installing and wrapping.

As a result, the company understands what the builder is trying to achieve, and can recommend the most suitable options for any project. It also understands sub-trades, and works with them to achieve the best result possible.

Every job is unique, whether it’s making a house weatherproof as a result of storm damage, or completely wrapping a construction site from the get go. Knowing what is required and having experienced installers means it will be done right first time.

Shrink wrap film comes in many grades of quality and thickness. U-Shrink uses heavy grade wrap which ensures a greater tolerance to wind and whatever the elements can throw at it.

U-Shrink’s expertise is not only confined to the construction industry. Matt Trayes, a director of U-Shrink, is a qualified international super yacht captain, and has extensive knowledge of the specific requirements surrounding weather containment for the marine and transportation industry.

“Many super yachts are often worth more than a home or building, so when they need weather containment for repairs or refurbishment it needs to be faultless,” Mr Trayes says.

With a nationwide installation service, national distribution and training for its DIY offering — combined with its experience — U-Shrink has everything in place to get the job done the right way.

The company can be contacted on 0508 333 777.

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