New web site sifts out potential employees


Auckland builder Glen Beh found himself facing a real problem when he was looking to hire builders to staff his sites.
From a single online or newspaper advertisement headed “Seeking Hammerhand” for example, he would receive hundreds of applications, with a large percentage of the job hunters clearly not having read the requirements. He then needed to sift and filter hundreds of CVs and applications.

“They were giving any ad a go, and I wasn’t prepared for this to be at my expense,” Mr Beh says.
He wondered if other industry employers faced the same problem so, together, he and his sister Danny spent weeks on the phone calling building companies and asking questions of them regarding their hiring processes and issues.

Eye opener
This was an eye opener for them, showing just how difficult the recruitment process seemed to be for building companies.
“The role they’re filling often doesn’t justify the time and cost they need to spend on hiring,” Ms Beh says.
“Not to mention the nature of the building industry means staff turnaround can be high and, often, employers need to go through this process time and time again.”

In addition, like Glen, the majority of employers are builders themselves, not recruiters, and they’re taken off the tools to recruit.
Danny and Glen have spent the past two years researching the issues the construction industry faces when staffing sites, and it’s very clear the majority of small-to-medium businesses find it a time-consuming and costly nightmare.

Danny has had conversations with more than 100 employers establishing exactly what they need to know when hiring, what issues they face and how they go about hiring currently.
From this they came up with JobJam — the idea of offering an online database to building companies of job hunters actively looking for work.
The idea was simple: job hunters register, employers search and find job hunters who have the skills they need. They then make contact with each other, allowing the employer to fill his role without having to open himself up to hundreds of unwanted phone calls and emails.

Over the past two years they have built a solid local start-up tailor made for the construction industry. JobJam has run the service as a test site for a number of months, and has had 400 job hunters register with them.

More recently they went live with a full service site focusing on the Auckland and Christchurch residential building market, so are now available as an alternative hiring option for construction companies in those areas.
They’re offering to credit all employers who register with them before June 30 two free CVs, which will allow construction companies to trial the site without risk.

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