HRV brings world first to Kiwi homes


New Zealand home owners will be able to enjoy healthier environments following the introduction by leading healthy home specialist HRV of a world-leading ventilation system featuring innovative Seta filtration technology.

Developed and produced by Auckland-based company Revolution Fibres, the new ultra-sensitive air filter uses cutting edge nanofibre technology infused with the powerful antibacterial properties of manuka, creating pure air, free from bacteria, fungi and dust.

HRV chief executive Bruce Gordon says the company is very excited about bringing this product into Kiwi homes.

“It will make a significant impact on how we filter and purify the air in our homes, and help to significantly reduce the level of allergens and dust mites that create health issues for many New Zealanders, especially children,” Mr Gordon says.

“The launch of the Seta filtration technology links in with our ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the unacceptably high level of unhealthy New Zealand homes, and highlights how innovative technologies such as Seta, combined with other heating and insulation solutions, can help address this issue.”


Nanofibres 1000 time thinner than hair

Seta nanofibres, found in the new HRV filters, are 300-500 nanometres wide — about 1000 times thinner than human hair — allowing for millions more fibres to be used in a filter. This provides much higher efficiency compared to previous filters.

Combined with the main filter, HRV is offering Seta Diffuser filters for extra protection room-by-room. This filter, a world-first and unique to HRV, is a completely natural filter.

It uses nanofibre spun from hoki collagen, along with antibacterial properties provided by plant extracts such as manuka. The fibres are held in place by a biodegradable potato starch base, which can be thrown away, guilt-free, at the end of its six-month life.

HRV is the only ventilation company offering this world-first technology, designed by Revolution Fibres, specifically for residential ventilation.

With this new technology, the improved HRV filter has a higher surface area across the filter with minimum impact on airflow, leading to greater efficiency with less pressure.

“The Seta Diffuser is unique to HRV and is developed in New Zealand by Kiwis, for Kiwis. We are looking forward to the response from customers, and expect it to be very popular,” Mr Gordon says.

The new ventilation system is available now. For more information, or to contact your local HRV supplier, visit

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