Expert help at hand for LBPs


The changing landscape that is the New Zealand construction industry has prompted the establishment of a new web site for Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) to meet, learn and connect.

The Building Hub ( is dedicated to inspiring and supporting New Zealand LBPs for a better building industry.
Director Jodie Youmans says the site brings together the best, most relevant and most up-to-date information to help the construction industry grow and succeed.
“Skills maintenance is the guts of the scheme, because it’s just too important to leave to chance,” Ms Youmans says.

Builders often isolated in their jobs
“Unfortunately builders are often isolated in their jobs, and just don’t know what they don’t know. The focus should be on finding out what these holes in information and skills are and covering those first. That’s what we are working on now.”

The Building Hub’s web site is designed with all computer skill levels in mind, even for the most technophobic.
Members save time and money by being provided with targeted recommendations for points, and the site keeps a record of them. It also includes a resource page for documents that are referred to frequently, such as E2 and forms such as the Record of Work.

Ms Youmans is running a nationwide roadshow that has been developed to answer the most common questions asked by builders. More than 110 presentations are being made around the country to tradespeople, designers and councils.
“The great thing about the scheme is we will start to see the councils, designers and builders all working as a team, and not spending so much time finger pointing,” Ms Youmans says.

The Building Hub launched just eight months ago, and has big plans for the future.
“We have loads of products we are developing at the moment which all aim to provide more meaningful learning experiences — the more engaging the material the more the builder will learn — and to help reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork.

“We are here to support the builders through these times of change. They do a really important job, and we can’t afford to lose any right now.”
Ms Youmans is a marketer/presenter and a specialist in the LBP scheme. She was previously senior advisor to the former Department of Building and Housing, where she was responsible for marketing the LBP scheme.

Deep understanding of LBP scheme
She has developed a deep understanding of the scheme, and is committed to ensuring it has a positive impact on the industry.
Already well known by many practitioners — having already presented to more than 150 groups across the country on licensing — Ms Youmans is well known for her straightforward approach and ability to answer the hard questions.

With substantial contacts in the construction industry, she is committed to bringing the industry together to provide a one-stop shop for practitioners for the most relevant and up-to-date information and training needed to maintain their licence.