2008 winner has come a long way


Jarred Biggs has come a long way since winning the Auckland Registered Master Builder Carters 2008 Apprentice of the Year.
The 26-year-old from Howick is now managing director of his own successful construction company, Biggs Construction Ltd, running multi-million dollar projects on Waiheke Island.

“I started the company in January 2010, initially contracting to Finesse Residential where I did my apprenticeship,” Jarred says.
The company has had a smooth start, with Jarred securing his first solo project in February 2011 — a large architectural designed house on Waiheke Island.
“Dad and I had already renovated the client’s other property with Finesse Residential, so they knew me from that and were willing to go ahead with it,” he says.

“It is a 900 sq m house on a 10 acre property. The build cost approximately $4 million and is mainly masonry precast construction. It has three bedrooms, six bathrooms, a studio, office and a large entertainment area which leads onto the pool,” he says.
“There’s a large living area upstairs with a huge kitchen, a third level with a large deck on the roof, and then there’s the surrounding landscaping and expansive decks right around the house.”

Biggs Construction Ltd has now completed its debut project and is working on another house nearby for the same client. Jarred has two apprentices on his team, including his twin brother, and two chippies.
“When working with Biggs Construction, the clients get to be involved with a team of passionate, motivated carpenters who strive for excellence and meet all of the client’s requirements,” Jarred says.
“We work with clients to design and build their dream homes from scratch, or we can renovate existing properties.”

Jarred has always been a hands-on person. His BCITO training advisor Trent Seaton said in his Apprentice of the Year entry form in 2008 that building is in Jarred’s blood.
“His performance, ability and attitude have always been a cut above the rest,” he says.
Judges in the competition said he stood out as the clear winner. “Jarred seemed to love his work, knew everything about the job he was working on and was proud to show it off,” they said.
Jarred suggests that if young apprentices want to get where he is now, motivation is the key.
“Work hard, put the hours in, be motivated, and you will get the reward. You need to be able to work well with all sorts of people and handle any situation to get the best outcome possible.

Nobody is perfect, so just make sure you always learn from your mistakes,” he says.
The Apprentice of the Year competition is made possible thanks to principal sponsor Carters, the Registered Master Builders Federation, the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), and supporting sponsor the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The regional competition is currently underway, and the national competition is set to take place in Wellington on October 25 and 26.

For further information, visit www.apprenticeoftheyear.co.nz. Apprentices, employers and those young people aspiring to be a part of the construction industry are also encouraged to join up to the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/apprenticeoftheyear.

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