Repair company after new franchisees


Their franchisees can repair almost any benchtop damage, including:
• burns and blisters (smaller than a fingernail to a 300mm diameter burn) caused by a hot saucepan, frypan or wok, or even a faulty appliance that catches fire,
• scorch marks and stains that can be re-coloured,
• small chips, cuts and scratches, shallow or deep, long or short,
• impact damage and swelling caused by water getting in underneath the laminate surface,
• joints that can also be made to “disappear” so that the benchtop appears to be one complete piece, and
• re-colouring or re-coating an existing bench, and changing the texture and gloss level on new or old benches.

Top Repairs is also on the look out for talented people to join the team. This is a one-person business, with no experience required. All franchisees are fully trained and have full company support.

There are franchise areas still available from $25,000 to $45,000 (+ GST). Almost all work is carried out inside, and is in great demand from insurance companies. Income can range from $50,000 to $100,000+ per annum.

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