BCITO connects construction employers and career seekers


A dedicated team has been assigned to match employers who have registered their need for apprentices with those keen to start a career in the construction industry. Many are starting their building apprenticeships with the BCITO direct from school.

BCITO chief executive Ruma Karaitiana says builders in Christchurch are screaming out for good apprentices.
“Builders need all the talent they can get right now so it’s is a great time for career seekers to start an apprenticeship in this bustling industry,” Mr Karaitiana says.
“The BCITO can facilitate this by putting career seekers in contact with builders in Christchurch — it’s a win-win. We’re placing people directly from school, as well as those who have done pre-trade training,” he says.

The BCITO has signed up 600 new apprentices in the Canterbury region this year, and that demand is expected to grow significantly given the 30,000 people required.
“There are excellent career prospects in the building industry for dedicated people who want to get ahead,” Mr Karaitiana says.
Apprentice builder Josh Grassam, 18, found work in Christchurch with the help of the BCITO job matching service. Josh said he chose to undertake a BCITO apprenticeship so he could learn on the job.

“I can learn straight from my employer, and learn exactly how he likes things done,” Josh says.
It didn’t take long for Josh to land a job after filling out the “Looking for Work” form on the BCITO web site. He registered his details in November 2011, and was in a BCITO apprenticeship with Christchurch builder Greg Maw Builders by March 2012.
“The BCITO put me in touch with Greg, I had a chat with him, and shortly after that went for an interview. A week later I had started work,” he says.

Josh is now learning on the job while working on earthquake-damaged homes in Christchurch.
There are currently 1100 people in apprenticeship training through the BCITO in the Canterbury region.

Career seekers interested in an apprenticeship can register their interest at
www.bcito.org.nz/lookingforwork, or get in contact on Facebook.

Employers in the construction industry looking for apprentices can call the BCITO on 0800 442 486.

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