Judges ‘incredibly impressed’ with Renovation of the Year


The company was ultimately awarded the PlaceMakers Supreme Award for the Registered Master Builders Renovation of the Year for the transformation of a substantial family home on a stunning site in Matua, Tauranga.
Carefully and beautifully remodelled, builder Paul Riordan says the overall feel of the house was special. “It’s a warm and inviting home.”
Riordan Construction was also presented with the PlaceMakers Renovation Award over $500,000 and the PlaceMakers Heart of the Home Kitchen Award.

The competition judges said the renovation is exceptional.
“We were incredibly impressed with the creative enhancement of proportions to allow for the family’s changing lifestyle, without moving outside the original footprint,” they said.
“The time and care spent to retain the old while introducing the new is evident in aspects such as the relaying of original roof tiles and cobble stones, and the exquisite restoration of fireplaces and handrails.
“This is not only the Renovation of the Year, but a renovation for many years to come.”

Mr Riordan says the awards are good recognition for Riordan Construction’s efforts over many years.
“It is great to receive recognition for what you do, and it’s good to see where you measure up against your peers,” he says.
As a long-standing member of the Registered Master Builders, Mr Riordan says it’s an organisation worth belonging to.
“I had no idea about contracts when I was starting out 14 years ago, so having the system there ready to help you is really helpful,” he says.
“Having the back-up of the RMBF with contracts and guarantees is great, and it’s also a great way to market yourself.”

Riordan Construction is currently working on a 760sq m new build in Tauranga, which Mr Riordan says has timber weatherboards and double hung timber windows.
“We try to do a couple of projects a year, which allows us to give our clients a more personal touch. We have always wanted to be a smaller, hands-on company in the high-end homes market.
“Having a good relationship with the client always helps the project go well,” he says.

Mr Riordan says we can expect to see his next entry in 2014’s House of the Year competition.

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