$2000 grants for BCITO apprentices and employers


So what’s the deal?
The first 10,000 new apprentices who sign up for training after March 6, 2013, will be eligible to apply for a Government grant to help pay for tools and off-job training costs.
Employers will receive a grant equal to that of the apprentice, for as many apprentices that are signed up.
This deal is only available through Industry Training Organisations such as the BCITO. It is not available through polytechnics or any other training providers.
Given the 10,000 grants are across all industries in New Zealand, it is impossible to say how long they will be available for.

How much is it?
The grant will be either $1000 or $2000 depending on the trade it is in. BCITO Level 4 apprenticeships which attract the $2000 grant include carpentry, tiling, masonry, brick and block laying, concreting and plastering.

How can you claim a grant?
Apprentices will need to be in a registered training agreement for 90 days before applying for a grant. This means the earliest that new apprentices can apply is June 4, 2013. Employers will apply for their grant alongside their apprentice.

Success will depend on whether an applicant meets the conditions set by the Government. As a general rule, if the apprentice doesn’t qualify for a grant, neither will the employer.
After the 90-day period has lapsed, apprentices and employers will need to visit www.tec.govt.nz for instructions on how to claim the funding. This will involve filling out an application form and sending it in.
The BCITO will also notify eligible apprentices and their employers via mail when the time comes, and will do its best to get funding for as many eligible people as possible.

Please note that this is a government initiative, and is not being run by the BCITO. Therefore, the BCITO cannot guarantee grants for anyone. Full terms and conditions are available on the Tertiary Education Commission’s web site at www.tec.govt.nz.

From the TEC web site
To be eligible for the Re-Boot subsidy, apprentices will:
• have signed a new industry training agreement commencing on or after March 6, 2013, and have been actively training for at least 90 days, and
be either:
• an apprentice/trainee enrolled in a programme of study of at least 120 credits at Level 4 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF),
• a Modern Apprentice enrolled in a programme of study at Levels 3 or 4 on the NZQF (for 2013 only),
• not be in employment subsidised by a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) wage subsidy or other government funding, and
• have not already received, or have applied for, other government funding for tools and equipment.

For more information or to sign up an apprentice, call the BCITO on 0800 422 486, or speak with your BCITO Training Advisor.

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