AOY — A training opportunity


The Apprentice of the Year, in association with Carters, is more than simply a competition, as it also provides the opportunity for a unique form of training that I urge all employers to consider.

The feedback each entrant receives during the various stages of the competition is invaluable in developing communication, reasoning and presentation skills.
The competition process requires the apprentice to analyse and describe their learnings, work environment, responsibilities and future ambitions.

This analytical process may not come naturally to some, as it can be way outside their comfort zone, but it is invaluable in the growth from apprentice to tradesperson and beyond.
All former entrants I have spoken to have described their own personal growth in confidence after participating in the AOY.

Partners Carters and the BCITO, and sponsor, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, can see the wider benefits to our sector in supporting our graduating class of apprentices. With more than $100,000 worth of prizes available, it is now a major industry event.Once again I congratulate the Wellington Registered Master Builders Association for initiating this highly successful event some years ago.

Finally, here’s a memorable quote from one of our former winners:
“In the future I would like to obtain my Level 5 construction ticket in Advanced Trade and run my own successful business, as well as marry a supermodel and play for the All Blacks!”

Entries close on June 13.

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