Setting the standard in concrete


This has a compulsory core that recognises the core skills and knowledge of precast manufacture, including testing, mould manufacture and fabrication, cutting and drilling, and lifting operations. Each apprentice must complete the compulsory section and also choose a specialist strand in structural or prestressing, or precast tank or traditional tank manufacture.

National Certificate in Concrete Construction (Level 4)
People who are awarded this qualification have broad knowledge and skills in all aspects of concrete construction, relating to first aid, health and safety, maintaining plant and equipment, lifting systems, standards and codes of practice, environmental management, site preparation, building set-out, footings and foundations, scaffolding, formwork, suspended floors, transportation, curing, measurement, and remedial work, to name a few.
As well as sharing content with other concrete qualifications, Concrete Construction also shares some common ground with the National Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4).

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