A welcome to join Registered Master Builders


The RMBF has recently expanded its membership offering to now welcome individuals such as Licensed Building Practioners (LBPs), labour-only carpentry contractors, building industry professionals and students.

The Professionals category covers Construction and Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Supervisors.
These new membership categories sit alongside our traditional Business and Apprentice membership categories that enjoy the vast array of benefits that come with belonging to the RMBF.
If you work in the building industry, care about your work and are a person of good repute, I welcome you to join the Federation and allow us to assist you in taking a big upward step in your career.

Already there has been an overwhelmingly positive response and uptake of this new opportunity as the RMBF continues onwards with its mission statement to being “a nurturing membership organisation that enhances the reputation of its members, and provides clients with a great building experience”.
This goal supports the continuous development of the people and the businesses that operate within our sometimes challenging but rewarding industry.

We are also now able to offer membership access to our newly-developed Small Business Management Course at a very affordable price, which will be of tremendous value to members looking to extend their knowledge in these areas:
• Business Planning
• Marketing and Promotion
• Pricing/Finance
• Contracts and Specifications
• Project Planning and Management
• Managing People and Contractors
• Resolving Disputes
• Meeting Regulatory Requirements
• Good Safety Practice
• Record Keeping
• Using IT in the Trade

Specifically customised for the trades, this course can be taken in its entirety or as separate individual modules. I certainly wish this was available when I started out in business, as I believe it is a fast track to learn the management skills that I personally took years to learn.
With increased regulation and compliance requirements within our industry, it’s critical that individuals and businesses join an organisation that offers support, education and protection.

It is outstanding to see just how many carpenters and builders have had the confidence in their abilities to apply and qualify as Licensed Building Practioners.
However, this privilege comes with added accountability and significant risk to both reputation and bank balance. After spending many years working with the Government in the development of the LBP scheme, we now have to change our focus to one of support and advocacy for LBPs.

There is no doubt that the building industry is becoming more sophisticated and demanding to operate in. Our role is to keep our members informed, knowledgeable and, among other things, offer contracts and guarantees — the ability of which to do this will soon be enshrined in law.

Changes come at a rapid pace, and the RMBF is constantly working with the Government and the wider industry to ensure the best outcomes for participants and the public who engage with our industry.

If you would like to know more about what the Registered Master Builders Federation can offer you, please visit our web site at www.masterbuilder.org.nz or call 0800 762 328.

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