Graduates score scholarships


The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) is giving five talented graduates the opportunity to build on their qualifications, providing access to funding for advanced training programmes.

Offered for the third year running, this extra training will help to set high standards within the building sector and establish a solid foundation for developing future generations.
BCITO chief executive Ruma Karaitiana says these grants could not have come at a better time.

“The industry is woefully short of people who can effectively manage processes and supervise people, and this shortage is about to get worse as our aged workforce starts to exit,” Mr Karaitiana says
“We urgently need to get our younger people progressing beyond technical trade level and forging more sustainable careers in the industry.
“This is a subset of a big need to lift the training and performance of the existing workforce, because most of 2020’s future workers are already working in the industry today,” he says.

Steadfast Construction Ltd co-owner and 2011 scholarship recipient Matt Munro undertook a Diploma in Construction Management.
“The diploma was the logical next step in my career. Nowadays it’s crucial to have a qualification to back up your practical knowledge and ability, especially with the introduction of the LBP scheme,” Mr Munro says.

“If you are thinking about furthering your career then you would be crazy not to at least apply for the opportunity of a helping hand.”
Mr Karaitiana encourages graduates wanting to further their careers in the construction sector to apply for the scholarships.

“If you want to be a future industry leader, getting your hands on one of these scholarships would be a good start. The BCITO encourages you to look at training in supervision, business management or construction management.”

For those looking to apply for a scholarship, you need to have completed, or be completing, a BCITO training programme during 2013.
When assessing applications, the BCITO will be looking at your current successes in the industry to date, how committed you are to your trade, and the type of training programme you want to use the scholarship for.

So don’t hold back on trying to impress!

To apply, visit and go through the application pack. All applications need to be posted to the BCITO by October 31, 2013, in order to be considered.

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