Have confidence in your steel supply


The Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (ACRS) administers an independent, expert, industry-based, third-party product certification scheme, certifying manufacturers and suppliers of reinforcing, prestressing and structural steels to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

The organisation’s goal is simply to ensure that construction steels are quality-approved materials, meeting Australian and New Zealand Standards, and thereby maintaining confidence in infrastructure and construction.

ACRS has undertaken more than 750 factory assessments of steel construction materials since 2003, and now certifies more than 150 manufacturing and processing sites belonging to 41 steel companies in 16 countries.It provides the construction industry on both sides of the Tasman with the widest range of professionally witnessed and assessed steel products available to AS/NZS standards.

ACRS certifies construction steels to six Australian/New Zealand steel standards:
• AS/NZS 4671 – Steel reinforcing materials (for manufacturing and processing)
• AS/NZS 4672 – Steel prestressing materials (bar, wire and strand)
• AS/NZS 1163 – Cold formed structural steel hollow sections
• AS/NZS 3678 – Structural steel – Hot-rolled plates, floor plates and slabs
• AS/NZS 3679.1 – Structural steel – Hot-rolled bars and sections
• AS/NZS 3679.2 – Structural steel – Welded I sections

ACRS is currently assessing further AS/NZS construction steel standards for future certification. These will be advised in due course.

ACRS says certification of these materials is due to the observed increase in incidence of materials failures, and the consequential financial and physical risk to customers, building workers and general public.
The three major components of ACRS certification are:
• Testing of samples selected by ACRS, not the supplier, and independent, expert review of results against AS/NZS Standards,
• Periodic review and approval by ACRS of the manufacture of all materials’ types supplied to the appropriate Standard/s by each certified company. This approval is a vital part of ACRS certification, ensuring that anyone relying on ACRS certification can be confident that ongoing supply by an ACRS-certified company of the materials listed on an ACRS certificate will consistently meet AS/NZS Standards, and
• Supply of any non-ACRS verified materials to the certified Standard may result in termination of the company’s certification

For more detail about the ACRS scheme, and to check which suppliers are ACRS certificate holders, visit www.steelcertification.com.

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