Online building roles up 71%


Job opportunities for builders skyrocketed in the year to August, with 71% more roles listed on than in August 2012.

A combination of growth in Auckland’s housing market and the ongoing rebuild in Canterbury has driven the sharp rise in building-related jobs, with labourer jobs also enjoying substantial growth of 51%.
“Job growth in the building sector is creating a wide range of opportunities across the country for highly skilled builders and those looking for apprenticeship roles,” according to Seek New Zealand general manager Janet Faulding.

However, it’s not only the building trade reaping the benefits of growth — trades and services roles across the country were up 12% from August 2012.
Continued growth and high monthly job figures have seen this sector become the second greatest area of opportunity on Seek, up three spots from one year ago and now only behind the

IT industry by number of jobs.
“July and August recorded the highest job advertisement figures for the year so far, with New Zealand’s main centres leading the way in terms of trade-related job ad volume,” Ms Faulding says.

“Across the two month period more than 1300 trades and services roles were listed in Auckland, with almost 1000 roles in Canterbury and more than 480 in Wellington.
“The trades currently offer solid career opportunities but, of course, there’s also the added benefit of a low investment required for training and the fact that, unlike 700,000 New Zealanders, those considering a trade-based career won’t have a student loan to pay off.

“The option to build a successful career as a builder or a plumber is attractive. There were currently more than 1500 trades and services vacancies listed on Seek and, if growth continues along the same trajectory, the sector will offer increasingly compelling career propositions,” she says.

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