Back In Time


20 years ago:

The low priority given by territorial authorities (TAs) to issuing code compliance certificates under the Building Act prompted the NZMBF to seek an urgent meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs to see if the process could be accelerated.

The Act does not specify a time in which a TA must either issue a certificate or explain why one will not be issued.

NZMBF chief executive Trevor Allsebrook says the time many TAs take to issue certificates — sometimes up to six weeks — seriously delays final payments for housing work.

15 years ago:

A “cowboy” builder caught out by a potential client when pretending to be a Registered Master Builder (RMB) rides off into the sunset, guns blazing, in the new television commercial being produced for the RMBF.

The commercial focuses on the importance of members of the public verifying that their builder is an RMB.

RMBF chief executive Trevor Allsebrook says market research shows numerous builders who are not RMBs claim they are, thereby indicating their ability to provide the Master Build Services five-year guarantee on all residential building work.

10 years ago:

The largest museum redevelopment in the Southern Hemisphere began with a 9000 sq m copper and glass infill building to increase the Auckland Museum’s space by a staggering 60%.

New facilities in the $53.2 million project included state-of-the-art visitor amenities, a new education centre, international-standard exhibition halls, a theatre, events centre and a 204-vehicle underground car park.

5 years ago:

The construction sector was facing a “nosedive into deepening malaise” unless something more was done to kick-start it.

Goldman Sachs JBWere analyst Shamubeel Eaqub warned of the downturn after building consent figures showed the number of residential housing consents hit new lows in November 2008.

He said data suggested there would be a major decline in construction activity in the first half of the year, with much of the weakness in the housing sector.

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