Hirepool gets good Kiwi blokes on board


Popular TV personalities Pete and Andy Walker have climbed on board the Hirepool wagon.

They’re the stars of the company’s new 30 second television commercial which went to air early in February.

“Pete and Andy are good Kiwi blokes and, with their easy going attitude and keen senses of humour, make an ideal fit for New Zealand’s leading equipment hire company,” Hirepool’s sales and marketing executive director Mark Powell says.

The ad, which comes in 15 and 30 second versions, was made by Auckland-based Brand Assist and directed by Hugh Walsh, with Lassoo Media & PR handling media placement.

Brand Assist’s Wayne Gillies says Pete and Andy were great to work with.

“Considering it’s their first ad, they were a dream — very professional and so quick to learn the script. And, no, they didn’t demand wokachockachinos while on set.”

The Bulls-based brothers enjoyed making the ad, even though it meant they had to wear make-up. “Pete loves it,” jokes Andy. “He won’t sign the contract unless there is make-up.”

“Except lip gloss. That’s the line,” retorts Pete, who goes on to praise Gillies. “This is his brainchild, he’s the architect behind all of this, and he saw the opportunity and put us together and thought we could make something awesome out of it. So it’s all credit to him.”

And the brothers have a business suggestion for Hirepool going forward. “I’ve always loved flying,” Pete says, “but the helicopter dream is sort of on the backburner at the moment.

“It’s still something I would really like to do but it just costs so much money — unless Hirepool gets some helicopters on board.”

Hint, hint, Hirepool.

The commercial will be on air for three months.

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