Surround yourself with the ‘vehicles’ to help facilitate change


A “new year, a new dawn” — just some poetic line from a song that made some guy rich.

But it has a ring of truth about it for some people returning to work. For others, the return is more like “here we go again” — and they seem content with getting on with the same old same old.

Then there are the few that absolutely dread the first day back, and have tendencies to reach for a gun — and I don’t mean a Paslode. So which one were you? And does it actually matter?

Yes, it does matter, and it matters a lot for all those reasons you read in the deep meaningful books, including your well being, your future, your wealth, happiness, health, family, and the list goes on.

So what’s my point? The point is that of course it matters — so why do so many of us put up with the “here we go again” syndrome, or the “I can’t face another day” head space, or even “I’m going to change but never do”.

There are people out there that are totally happy with their life and place within it (Yeah Right!). But being mere humans, we have the tendency to always want more, or to think that the grass is always greener just over there.

And why not? Time is short, we deserve the best and we work very hard for it. So who’s going to give us the best? Who’s going to make those changes for us? Who’s going to wave the magic wand?

Unfortunately there is only one Harry Potter in this world, and sorry to burst your bubble but he’s a phony. So that leaves just you. “Arrrgghh!” you shout as you plummet into the depths of despair.

It’s not all bad, really, but change can only come from within (another line from those many books collecting dust on the shelf) — and it’s so true.

Everything is possible if you want it, are determined to have it and have the right attitude for it. They are the three clinchers that make change possible.

Now, having said it’s up to you, you’re not on your own. Yes, it has to come from within blah blah blah, but you don’t have to sail solo all the way.

Yes, it has to start with you, yes you need the three clinchers, and yes you need the dream and the goal to reach, but surround yourself with the vehicles that will make the journey easier.

Not an Aston Martin DB9 (mind you who would care about work if one was sitting in the garage), but a forward thinking accountant (normally the younger kind), a lawyer who will listen (I promise there are some), a bank manager with vision (okay, life’s getting hard), a team that has the same goals as you, and here’s the sales line — a business coach that will be beside you and behind you all the way, giving you the inspiration and motivation to succeed. Yeah I know, you knew it was coming.

Seriously, don’t settle for the same old this year. Go for those dreams you had when you were sipping the cocktails over the holidays because you deserve them.

And if it does all become a little bewildering — the work, change, dreams etc — and you are looking for something completely new with massive job satisfaction, four-day weeks, great earning potential and to give back to your industry — then become a business coach with Trades Coaching New Zealand.

This is the year we plan to spread nationally and have opportunities for potential coaches. Call for a chat on 09 945 4880 or 021 280 8679.

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