Cordless revolution continues


Makita says its new DHP481 Cordless Hammer Driver Drill and DDF481 Cordless Driver Drill are quite simply the most powerful cordless driver drills available.

Cutting edge features such as 5.0Ah battery technology and next generation brushless motors lead the way in pure power, precision, performance and productivity.

At just 205mm in length, it’s hard to believe these drills can deliver the highest torque available. Makita’s highly efficient brushless R&D has resulted in fastening torque of 115Nm — a 45% increase in work efficiency* and double the work amount per battery charge.**

Makita has been using brushless motor refinement and precision engineering to steadily increase the power and performance of its 18V Lithium-ion tools. This has resulted in a much greater measure of torque to weight ratio — 115Nm from a drill weighing less than 3kg — and double the work amount from a single battery charge.

No brushes means no friction, so the energy produced can be used at lower amperage, lowering the overall heat production of the motor and the temperature at the housing surface. This significantly extends both tool and battery life, lowering their overall cost.

Makita has then added a brand new design 5.0Ah low-impedence battery that minimises discharge on start-up and generates longer run times — double that of its 4.0Ah battery. It recharges in just 45 minutes in the current standard charger.

The drills boast many other great features, all designed to improve performance and operator comfort.

The single sleeve 13mm capacity keyless chuck allows easy bit installation and removal with one hand, while an expanded torque setting range offers real versatility of application.

Mechanical two-speed gearing with the all-metal planetary gearbox handles the toughest of tasks. Variable speed control has been located on the trigger, making accuracy and operation simple.

Both drills incorporate Makita’s “Supa-Star” charging system, which charges each battery cell in the optimum way to maximise work volume and extend the life of the battery.

This technology prevents over-discharge of the battery, a common cause of battery failure, by switching the tool off when the battery is technically flat.

The handle design of both tools has also been fine-tuned to fit the thumb and forefinger so the operator can comfortably apply maximum thrust to the bit.

A three-stage battery warning light indicates remaining battery charge and when to recharge.

Drilling capacities are 13mm in steel, 76mm in wood, and for the DHP481, 16mm in masonry.

Makita NZ managing director Todd Okochi says these two drills “demonstrate our constant drive to lead the way, with their combination of our best brushless technology, our highly regarded 18V cordless platform and our latest, greatest introduction, 5.0Ah.”

Both drills come as kits with carry case, fast charger, two batteries, two (+) (-) bits, heavy duty side handle assembly and your choice of 3.0Ah format (RFE), 5.0Ah (RTE) or tool-only “skins”.

All test comparisons were made between Makita new model with 4.0Ah battery and predecessor model.

* Tests were carried out drilling through a 38mm SPF with a 2-91/6 self-feeding bit.

** Drilling in brick to a depth of 30mm with 8mm diameter bit.

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