Education is the key


To those of you who were at the Registered Master Builders conference in Taupo recently, I thank you for your vote of confidence in allowing me to represent you as president of the RMBA.

I have been on the RMB Board for the past five years, and have not only had the great pleasure of working with my fellow Board members, but have benefited hugely from their vast experience.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution that outgoing president David Fabish has made, in particular working tirelessly over the past two years on the Association merger, and laying the foundations for the organisation to go forward. We are privileged that he continues as a Board member for the next three years.

In addition, I would like to thank Richard Carver for his outstanding contribution over the past 10 years. The Board recognises that his vast knowledge, business acumen and experience in the construction industry helped focus and keep the Board on track during this momentous process of change. We wish him and wife Rebecca well for the future.

I would also like to welcome the three new Board members — Gordon Boswell, Kerry Archer and Darrell Trigg. We look forward to working with them.

My goal over the next two years is to meet as many of you as I can and to hear your views, so that you feel you have a representative voice on the Board.

I believe education is the key to the success, as well as to the longevity, of the industry. Therefore, my focus will be to encourage builders to take full advantage of the training modules already available to them through the RMBA, and the many other opportunities to upskill themselves and their workforce.

The most important task facing us right now is to unite as one organisation for the greater good of our members. Our purpose is to deliver quality services and tools which enable our members to grow their businesses, and for the industry as a whole.

I look forward to representing you on the RMB Board.

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