Meet the newly-elected RMBA Board members . . .


Kerry Archer

I reside in the sunny deep south in Invercargill, happily married with a house full of kids.

I own and manage two companies — one being Archer Construction which has around 20 staff working on a mixture of residential and commercial projects, and the other being Rapid Rooms which sells and rents portable buildings from Christchurch south.

The reason I belong to the RMBA is not only because of the vital point of difference to clients or because it’s a great marketing tool, but because of the camaraderie of belonging and the opportunities this presents to interact with like minded people.

I put my name forward for nomination to the board as I believe I have the skills and passion to assist making a difference to the Master Builders brand moving forward.

With the structural review now being a reality, the Master Builders organisation has an opportunity to become even stronger than it is at present, and to provide better services for its members.

I don’t believe we need to reinvent the wheel to do that, but we do need to put in place procedures to assist our members as they are the biggest asset we have.

It’s not the funds in the bank or the sticker on the side of the van — to me the Master Builders brand is about people. We need to attract more new members and to encourage current members to become more active, as I believe member apathy is something that needs to be addressed.

I come from Southland which is one of the smaller branches, but I assure you that we all face the same challenges today. All industries, not only the building industry, seem to have gone a bit crazy with compliance and paperwork which can take a bit of enjoyment out of the day.

But I think that now the RMBA is one association instead of 22 separate entities, this gives us not only a much stronger voice in the industry to try to prevent some of the madness, but the ability to share information to makes our jobs easier and, in time, I would like to see this happen a lot more.

I think of the RMBA as a large building project. We are all partners in that project and we all want to see it succeed but, like any project, it needs a good team to lead it.

I believe the current board has done a fantastic job of leading the project so far, and I have welcomed the opportunity to be a part of ensuring we can carry on for the betterment of the brand and our members.

Darrell Trigg

I have been involved in the building industry for more than 26 years, currently as managing director of Trigg Construction, based in Ruakaka, Northland.

I am a trade qualified carpenter, having served my apprenticeship in Whangarei, and am a Licensed Building Practitioner with a Carpentry and Site 2 endorsement.

I have been a member of the RMBA for more than 17 years. In that time I have been involved in, and represented the organisation at many levels, including:


• RMBA National Structural Review Committee member 2007

• RMBA National Health and Safety Strategy working group member 2007

• Auckland RMBA Association Governance Review Committee chairman 2010

• RMBA National Commercial Awards Working Group member 2011

• RMBA Structural Review Group member 2012 – 2013

• Auckland RMBA board member (retired) 12 years

• Auckland RMBA immediate past president and board chair

• Current National Residential Technical Advisory Committee member

• Current RMBA Joint Contracts Committee member with the NZ Institute of Architects

• Currently representing the RMBA on the committee reviewing NZS 4246:2006 Installing Insulation 

Getting away from it all, I enjoy fishing, diving and general outdoor activities, and spending time with my wife Marlene and daughter Amy who is studying Business at Massey University.

I have an intense interest in helping people succeed and for ensuring organisational success. I certainly understand the role an effective Board has on this success.

I am particularly interested in ensuring effective Board governance practices complement the way the RMBA operates and, therefore, how it directly benefits its members.

I bring a wealth of experience to the Board environment. I have a balanced view and am certainly not backward in coming forward when and if it is needed. I have a deep awareness of the relationship between the governance and business functions of an organisation and how they can successfully interact.

There are many opportunities and initiatives going forward. I believe with the experiences I have been afforded over the past 14 years in management and governance, that I am more than confident I can add solid value to the foundations that have been laid to ensure the success of the RMBA and its members.

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