Makita brushless makes a big impact


Makita has been developing brushless motors for almost 10 years, using precision engineering and motor refinement to increase the power and performance of their 18V Lithium-ion tools.

This, together with Makita’s new low impedance 5.0Ah battery, heralds a whole new era in tool design and specification, with huge performance benefits.

Removing the brushes removes any friction, so the energy produced by the motor can operate at lower amperage. This lowers the overall heat production of the motor, making it much more efficient, and increasing the work output for every single battery charge.

The temperature at the housing surface is reduced, so these tools can operate continuously for long periods of time. A brushless motor also extends the battery and tool life of any tool, saving dollars and time, and is pretty much maintenance free, saving on downtime.

Makita’s 2014 brushless range kicked off earlier in the year with the arrival of its cordless hammer driver drill (DHP481) and driver drill (DDF481), both with top of the class 115Nm of torque. Now the range has been expanded with the arrival of the DTD148 Cordless Impact Driver, an absolute powerhouse of performance.

The DTD148 is a triumph for the little guy — 175Nm of torque in a 119mm body, 10mm more compact than its predecessor and weighing just 1.5kg, even with the 5.0Ah battery. It can work in the tightest of spaces, delivering the kind of performance previously unheard of due to its incredible power-to-weight ratio.

The brushless motor delivers 35% faster operation, and the extremely efficient energy production delivers much greater work per battery charge.

With this kind of torque, you might expect the potential of faulty tightening to increase. But this impact driver features an exciting “T” fastening mode that optimises the fastening of self-tapping screws, eliminating damage to the screw and the work surface.

The tool starts in ‘hard’ mode, driving at a fast 3600rpm. Once it starts to impact, the built-in electronic controller automatically reduces the rotational speed to 2100rpm and the impact speed to 2600ipm.

Simple push-button, three-stage impact power selection — T-mode plus Hard, Medium and Soft, lets you choose the impact power for the work material or screw type you are using.

Supporting features such as the three-stage battery fuel gauge are all designed to improve performance and operator comfort. XPT — eXtreme Protection Technology — protects the battery from dust and dripping water, even in harsh outdoor applications.

The LED pre and after glow job light is matched by a new phosphorescent bumper which glows in the dark.

The DTD148 is available as a 3.0Ah RFE kit or Skin. It also accepts Makita’s 4.0Ah or new, low impedance 5.0Ah battery that recharges in just 45 minutes in the current rapid charger.

The line-up of superior brushless models continues to expand in the coming months, with two new brushless jigsaws, DJV181 and DJV182, and circular saws and grinders.

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