Colourful projects win national awards


The winners of the annual Resene Total Colour Awards were announced in Auckland recently.

The Resene Total Colour Awards were launched in 2010 to encourage and celebrate excellent and creative use of colour.

Awards were presented for the best colour use to:

Resene Total Colour Residential Exterior Award

Waihi bach by Edwards White Architects Ltd

Resene Total Colour Residential Interior Award

Onehunga Home by Henri Sayes

Judges’ citation: “This home has a lovely integration of colour that delineates and defines spaces and transitions. Subdued and considered, the integration of colour adds an element of surprise. It’s not bright or garish yet it still adds personality to the space.”

Resene Total Colour Maestro Residential Interior Award

Tui Home by John Mills Architects

Judges’ citation: “Inspired by the tuis that inhabit the surrounding bushscape, the commitment to capturing the colour of nature and bringing it indoors in such a unique way has created an awe-inspiring project.”

Resene Total Colour Education Junior Award

Mother Duck signature childcare centre by Context Architects Ltd

Judges’ citation: “With a delightful playfulness, this colour palette brings a rainbow of colours together wholeheartedly. Values are translated through the use of colour. Colour is used to create attachment, familiarity and a sense of belonging.”

Resene Total Colour Maestro Education Junior Award

Piopio Primary School by Van Beek Design

Judges’ citation: “Thoughtful and not obvious, this school enjoys a restrained use of colour, a great example of not trying to do too much. The colour palette is a very gentle treatment of an old country school that has grown, and integrates new and old so very well.”

Resene Total Colour Education Senior Award

Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology and Science Refurbishment by Williams Ross Architects

Judges’ citation: “So strongly architectural, the use of colour is sophisticated, surprising and unexpected, drawing you in. Colour is used to bring the outside in. Brights are used in conjunction with a warmer soft palette to complete perfection. Colour has been applied to create a bright, interactive and positive feel, giving a sense of an energetic environment for learning.”

Resene Total Colour Maestro Education Senior Award

Hobsonville Point Secondary School by ASC Architects

Judges citation: “Bold, confident and sophisticated. This colour palette has such a beautiful integration with architecture that elevates schooling to a whole new level. Colour adds to a welcoming place for student and teachers, providing the perfect backdrop to an enjoyable learning environment.”

Resene Total Colour Heritage Award

Masterton Courthouse by Stephenson & Turner NZ Ltd

Judges’ citation: “So gently handled and beautiful, this colour palette is subtle, but shows great care to ensure details of the building are highlighted with relief details noted with colour.”

Resene Total Colour Commercial Exterior Award and Resene Total Colour Master Nightingale Award

Sydney waterfront by Waterview Wharf Workshops

Judges’ citation: “Simply outstanding. A beautiful juxtaposition of colour, unique and strong. It’s amazing the difference paint can make. From safe, bland, tired and outdated, this project has used paint to present an exciting exterior through the use of paint colour.

“Prior to painting, the old warehouses simply blended into the landscape and scarcely rated a second glance. Now they are eye-catching and are a new landmark on the harbour.”

Resene Total Colour Commercial Interior Office Award

Lion office by Creative Spaces

Judges’ citation: “The Lion office is such a complex project with lots of opportunity to use colour. Colours represent themes, yet are seamlessly integrated to tell an overall cohesive story.”

Resene Total Colour Maestro Commercial Interior Office Award

The Inside Out Office shows that a small space doesn’t need to limit colour choices.

Judges’ citation: “A disciplined and effective use of colour against a well resolved backdrop, this office makes the most of colour in a very limited space. Colour is used to such telling effect.”

Resene Total Colour Commercial Interior Public + Retail Award

Moore Wilson’s Sushi House by Human Dynamo Workshop Ltd

Judges’ citation: “Fun, lively and innovative. The colours tell a story drawn on history presented in a modern day way in a new twist on the store in store concept. A cold and bustling interior is highlighted with the use of colour, fitting into the building as a new hub feature. A welcoming icon and beacon has been created.”

Resene Total Colour Neutrals Award

Kelburn Cable Car Terminus by Bevin Slessor Architects

Judges’ citation: “When you have a striking hero, such as the cable car, it would be very easy to detract attention by adding more and more colour.

By using complementary hues in an ascending colour strength the palette becomes an interesting backdrop that frames the cable car, while still providing visual interest for those waiting when the cable car is enroute.”

Resene Total Colour Display + Product Award

The Building Blocks for Quay Quarter by Lymesmith

Judges’ citation: “With an activation that invites you to come and play, the colours on these building blocks are a key part of the attraction, inviting attention and involvement. Interactive and social, this unique yet related palette is subdued, a fresh direction in using colour to attract attention without just opting for the boldest colours. The colour takes the project forms up a notch, adding another level of interest.”

Resene Total Colour Landscape Award

The Esplanade at Auckland Airport by Bespoke Landscape Architects in collaboration with Surface Design Inc

Judges’ citation: “The Esplanade is home to an unexpected use of colour in a landscape on a scale that provides variety and intrigue. The use of colour oozes confidence, dressing up an element of a project that is normally left as is.”

Resene Total Colour Maestro Landscape Award

Foxton Beach Motor Camp by Prorata Landscape Architecture

Judges’ citation: “Incorporating themes of retro caravan awning patterns and the local seascape, this motor camp embraces this theme and perspective incredibly well. It brings together the focus of the location with the natural environment to celebrate in a colourful lively way to attract and reflect the liveliness of its regular stream of family campers.”

Resene Total Colour Rising Star Collaborative Award

Co-nnection, by Fraser Callaway & Oliver Ward

Judges’ citation: “Colour is a key tool when creating a visual language. Impactful with bright personalities, striking yet simplistic, this project focuses on using clean colours that are just full of positive connotations to draw attention to the work.”

Resene Total Colour Rising Star Individual Award

A Coloured Journey by Iris Bosman

Judges’ citation: “Inspired by the variety of colours found in the Auckland coastal landscape, this project is subtle and just beautifully put together. Painstaking attention has been paid to getting a true sense of the environment and capturing the beauty of the natural colours using materials found in and on the land.”

Resene Total Colour Lifetime Achievement Award

Ian Bowman won this award which recognises a person in the architecture and design industry who has shown dedication to innovative and excellent colour in their work.

Mr Bowman is New Zealand’s leading conservation architect, and the “keeper of the history of buildings”. Delving into historical images and information on old buildings and homes, Ian has been able to use this to provide guidance on appropriate colour schemes to redecorate heritage homes and buildings long after they have been built, in keeping with their original style and design intention.

Many a garishly modern painted colour scheme has been replaced by an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme to bring out the best in our historical buildings.

Building conservation is a relatively new field, especially in New Zealand. Mr Bowman was the first New Zealander to complete a postgraduate qualification in this field of specialisation.

In his architectural practice, based in Wellington and Nelson, he has worked on projects as diverse as the conservation of historical homes, bridges and railway carriages, and the restoration of the St James Theatre in Wellington. He is also a lecturer at Victoria University’s School of Architecture.

The Resene Heritage colour range was developed in the mid-1990s with Ian’s colour expertise and knowledge of colours that were appropriate to different eras of homes.

As we have started to appreciate the history of our built environment, this heritage colour palette and Mr Bowman’s guidance notes on use have helped many home decorators embrace and celebrate the history of their home through their colour choices.

The chart has been instrumental in helping people choose colours that respect the age of the building they are painting.

Since then, Mr Bowman has undertaken paint analysis on a great number of buildings which has reinforced that the colours on the chart, based more on academic research than practical discoveries, are accurate and authentic heritage colours.

Through his work, the history of colour use on our homes and buildings has been unlocked for others to use as inspiration for their own colour selections.

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