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The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation consistently supports employers and apprentices to help set even higher standards within the industry, and to provide access to advanced training programmes as a path towards professional success.

Chief executive Ruma Karaitiana says the BCITO Board has set aside specific funds in its reserves for various grants and scholarships.

“While our core function is training apprentices, the BCITO is also interested in ways we can contribute to the further development of the industry people we work with,” Mr Karaitiana says.

“Outside of the technical trade aspects we hope that the grants and scholarships encourage the construction people we work with to further develop themselves in business, leadership, supervision and management.

“This is part of our goal to contribute to building industry capability, as well as helping to build the capability of individuals.”

In this regard, each year the BCITO commits to various incentives that support an individual or business to have an opportunity to participate and benefit from higher qualifications.

Employer Development Grants of up to $3000

The BCITO gives construction industry employers access to study programmes which will help them develop and grow their business. This grant is available to employers of current BCITO trainees.

The BCITO believes this support helps employers to run successful long-term businesses, better placing them to provide ongoing investment in training and employment within New Zealand’s construction industry.

Employers can select any training or development assistance which best suits their personal or business development needs. Some examples include:

See http://bcito.org.nz/employers-and-industry/employers/employer-development-grants for information about how to apply.

Graduate Scholarships of up to $3000

Every year the BCITO awards five scholarships to recently completed (or soon to be completed) graduates looking for an opportunity to further their career.

These scholarships encourage graduates to further their qualifications, and encourage a view of ongoing training as a path to professional success.

BCITO Graduate Scholarships help set a benchmark for continuing excellence and life-long learning in the construction industry.

To be eligible for a Graduate Scholarship in any year, applicants need to have graduated or be graduating from a BCITO-supported training programme within the year of application.

2014’s Graduate Scholarship recipients were:

The five scholarship recipients were able to show evidence of their successes in the industry to date, and all expressed a clear commitment to their trade. 

They each demonstrated clear drive and determination to succeed and showed solid career planning, detailing the courses and training they hope to complete during the next 12 months using the scholarship grant.

BCITO Graduate Scholarships are an ongoing initiative. For more information, and to know when to apply, keep an eye out at http://bcito.org.nz/apprentices/bcito-graduate-scholarships

Outward Bound Scholarships

Annually, the BCITO is pleased to offer 10 of these incredible scholarships to specialist trade apprentices from across all sectors.

Designed to encourage self-confidence, self-awareness, self-motivation and personal responsibility, this unique programme physically and mentally challenges participants.

Past winners have returned from their adventure happier, fitter, more motivated and confident, with increased tolerance and compassion for others and excited about their futures. This 21-day course can seriously change a life!

Scholarship winners represent the BCITO, alongside apprentices from across the construction industry, as part of the annual joint initiative between Outward Bound and the Built Environment Training Alliance (BETA) group.

Keep your eyes peeled at www.bcito.org.nz in late February/early March for details of how an apprentice can apply to be a part of this programme in 2015.

To be successful in applying for any of the above valuable opportunities, applicants will need to show evidence of success in the industry to date, and show commitment to their trade. The BCITO looks for individuals and businesses with drive and determination to succeed when awarding successful applications.

For more information about BCITO grants and scholarships, contact the BCITO at 0800 4 BCITO.

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