The secret to retaining that Christmas cheer? Don’t forget the ‘WOW’ factor!

Terry Sage of Trades Coaching New Zealand

Oh the joys of the end of year — the time we are “supposed” to be looking forward to. And of course we do, but it can also, and does, bring with it so much pressure. Bah Humbug!

What kind of pressure is it though, and why do we let it build up? We have all the home stuff — prezzies, holidays, kids off school, got to get the tent fixed and the boat serviced, and it’s mother-in-law time again.

Why does buying “her indoors” a present create so much tension? It can be because she says something to the effect of “don’t go overboard this year dear — just a little something to show you care”.

‘WOW’ factor

And, of course, you know all too well from three years ago that if it’s not got the “WOW” factor then you’re in the doghouse for the whole holiday, and your Christmas cheer will be withheld until well into the new year.

Please, love of our lives, just tell us what the devil you want or drop a hint large enough to sink the Titanic, and I promise you the holidays will be the best ever. Trying real hard to help you here boys.

Actually, it’s “her indoors” that proof reads these before I send them in so I am trying to help myself really. Happy Christmas dear.

Then we come to the work pressure — the jobs that have to be finished, staff away on holiday, materials out of stock, small jobs that come in that you don’t want to say no to, the Christmas party to organise (and pay for), cash flow and demands for your time from 10 different angles — and what’s more, it’s still only Monday morning and two weeks to Christmas.

Here comes humbug number two. Next year it’s going to be even worse if the predicted boom hits us as they are all saying it will. Yes, it’s busy out there, but not quite to the levels bandied around earlier this year.

Why? Why is every year the same? Why do you let it happen? It’s because, at the end of the day, it is you who lets it. You make the choices, you plan your lives, you have the power to change.
No, it’s not a Tui ad. If you plan for the end of the year at the start of the year I guarantee it will be a different story come Christmas 2015.

Magic pill

Stop laughing — I know your normal style is plan for tomorrow in two days’ time, and trying to think 12 months ahead will take some magic pill. But if you want a different outcome then you have to have a different mindset.
Don’t worry about it right now, just get those jobs finished, enjoy the Christmas party, don’t stress over the bill, get the boat serviced and hope the wife drops a big hint.
But while you are relaxing over the break (yeah okay, that might be the Tui ad) write down all the things that stressed you out this year.
Don’t lose that piece of paper because you will need it when you read the February issue when I will start helping you to plan your end of year for 2015.
Have a great and well deserved break, and I look forward to helping you again next year. Just keep in mind one thing — if you don’t want to lose that Christmas cheer make sure it has the WOW factor!

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