What Kiwis want — and need — in a home


Forget a spa pool, central heating and landscaped gardens like they push on The Block NZ. What Kiwis really want when they are renovating or choosing a new house is for it to be insulated.

According to the State of the Home Survey, commissioned by HRV, insulation was rated “very important” by 84% of those surveyed when choosing a house. This was well ahead of a garage (47%), and around a quarter of people believed ventilation, a heat pump and double glazing were essential in a home.

When respondents were asked what the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) outlined as the key elements that go into creating a warm, dry and healthy home, 92% said insulation, 69% ventilation and 59% heating.

In contrast, central heating and a landscaped garden were a lowly 12% and 8% respectively (although just over half said they would be “nice to have”). A spa pool was rated very important by just 2% of respondents, but a quarter also said a hot tub would be “nice to have” in the backyard or on the deck.

According to the survey, the priorities people have when they are renovating their house are similar to when choosing a home to live in. However, a higher number of people consider ventilation, double glazing and a heat pump a more important priority when they are doing up their homes.

The drive behind the State of the Home survey was to shed light on the poor state of New Zealand’s housing stock, and increase awareness around creating healthy homes. It also provided some interesting insights into New Zealander’s attitudes when it comes to their home.

Other key findings included:

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