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By John Oliver, Hiandri Solutions Ltd

Water is enemy No 1 when it comes to building — wet frames, wet floors, delays — who needs it!

The Hiandri concept was one of those light-bulb moments that seem to happen at 2am — the idea of placing plastic packers under the bottom plate at 600mm crs, lifting the entire timber or metal frame 12mm above the floor, allowing water to escape, the plate to dry quicker and keeping the timber from acting like a blotter, just soaking water up through the frame. It seemed just a plain, simple, common sense solution to a big industry problem.

Purely from a builder’s perspective, the benefits from installing Hiandri bottom plate packers are immediate.

They replace damp proof course H3.2 plates because they’re a safer working platform that cannot hold water.

There are minimal delays at pre-lining as the frame is not, and has not been, sitting in water because it drains — meaning significant savings, including re-inspection fees, no costly mechanical drying, no holding costs, no delays in progress payments and, of course, you are highly unlikely to get that dreaded phone call some time down the track advising that your frames have rotted.

The best part is the cost. As a guide only, on a standard 200 sq m New Zealand home, Hiandri bottom plate packers can be supplied and fitted by your frame manufacturer for less than an additional $450, or less than 0.2% of the build cost, a cost that can be recouped in spades.

The Hiandri system is fully patented, and made in New Zealand so the company has control of the process and supports local industry.

The product is fully tested and engineered, including standard bracing systems, plus Codemark Certification, which means it will be accepted by all Building Consent Authorities in New Zealand.

For more information visit www.hiandri.com.

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