How to pass your pre-line moisture test!


New Zealand is a wet country, and a key challenge for builders and construction companies is passing the pre-line moisture test — and with so much rain, wet bottom plates are a major problem.

Failure to pass will cause a chain reaction of delays, and the costs soon add up to hit you where it hurts in the pocket.

The new Hiandri bottom plate packer lifts timber framing bottom plates 12mm above the floor and keeps bottom plates and frames from sitting in water, allowing the frames to drain and air to circulate around the bottom plate.

This is a simple solution to a major problem. Switched on housing companies, and builders, are requesting Hiandri packers to come pre-installed on their pre-cut frames, doing away with the need for damp proof course H3.2 bottom plates.

The bottom plates and frame can drain and dry naturally. There is no need to worry about drying out frames, not to mention the costs of hiring dehumidifiers and heaters, an expensive last resort.

The product is an example of lateral thinking, and a simple common sense solution to a very expensive problem.

Ask for Hiandri bottom plate packers to come pre-installed from your pre-cutter, and/or request a free sample pack at, where visitors will find full technical information and specs.

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