NZ company a world leader in level correction


Level correction is often thought of as a time-consuming process and regularly creating a substantial mess, both in and around the structure being re-levelled. Not so with Mainmark Ground Engineering, who specialise in non-invasive, non-disruptive technologies that can be applied to a variety of problems, from minor structure subsidence to level correction of an entire building.

The company leads the world in developing the most advanced and accurate technologies, in particular techniques such as the Uretek Resin and JOG injection methods. Mainmark has a strong and proven history, trusted worldwide for more than 30 years, delivering results to thousands of projects in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Thailand.

Previously trading as Uretek, Mainmark has operated in New Zealand for more than 15 years, successfully re-levelling more than 1000 local residential and non-residential projects.

Most recently, Mainmark New Zealand has helped hundreds of Christchurch homes and buildings get back to level, including the Christchurch Art Gallery.

The company’s methods are time efficient, with projects ranging from a day to a few weeks. Solutions are also cost effective, with little, if any, disruption to the building or landscaping.

Furthermore, Mainmark’s technologies have the additional benefit of strengthening the ground (at varying depths), whilst having zero negative impact on the environment. Methods are suited to projects of any size — no job is too small or too large.

Staff (more than 70 in New Zealand), have a wealth of experience in the residential, commercial and infrastructure markets.

Mainmark New Zealand has offices in Christchurch and Auckland, with skilled teams and specialised equipment rigs travelling nationwide.

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